The Horn Launches Ad-free Social Network with Privacy as the Number One Priority

May 13, 2019

The Horn Network launches an ad-free social network with its number one priority being user privacy.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States - May 14, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ —

When it comes to social networks, user privacy is a massive issue and one that is not going away anytime soon. The Horn plans to put an end to privacy concerns for social network users with their brand-new ad-free social network and file-sharing platform.

The Horn Network has an intense focus on its user’s privacy. It is a transformative property that was wholly developed with privacy as the number one priority, but without giving up the need for shared dialogue and details.

“We knew going in that we had to be beyond any standard or setting out there. So, we developed The Horn with safeguards that walls it off from the public internet, protecting user profiles from search engines and we set it up that we will not sell or give away any data to advertisers. We believe our model and platform will change the way social networking is done.” - Jeff Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of The Horn Network

The Horn Network is not free, but it does have an extremely affordable fee to users, at just $3.99 per month or $30 per year; the costs of managing the network will be covered by the user and not by selling advertising or private data about its users. They will have full peace of mind that they are in a private, secure environment.

Their CEO said, “The biggest key for us is that The Horn can only be viewed by people who are logged in and even then, we have advanced security and privacy settings. To non-members, The Horn is completely invisible to the public internet – outside strangers can’t see your stuff. This also goes for Google, nothing a member posts or does inside The Horn will appear in a search.”

Beyond being the ultimate private social network, The Horn has the following features:

No third-party advertising

There is no advertising within their network. Users do not have to worry about ads cluttering up their screens or their personal feeds.

No loss of your personal data

They pledge to never sell or give away members’ personal data to third-party advertisers, thus preserving members’ privacy.

Privacy controls that are easy to use

Almost all the privacy controls on the network default to “Colleagues Only” and it is very easy for members to change both their own privacy defaults, as well as the viewing permissions for each individual post as they make them.

Off the public web

The Horn is “walled-off” from the public internet – i.e., you must be logged in to see anything on the network; and nothing posted in the network will end up indexed by major search engines.

Cloud File Storage

Each account on The Horn comes with 100 Gigabytes of file storage, and because this system is part of the social network, it becomes very easy to share files in your cloud storage with colleagues and other members. This feature can effectively replace a Dropbox/OneDrive account for many users.

Collaborative Documents

The Horn contains a system that lets users collaborate on writing and preparing documents.

Real-time private messaging

In addition to the usual posts and status updates also available on the major free networks, The Horn includes real-time chat and private messaging from directly within the main interface – no additional apps are needed.

Built for adults

They do not allow persons under the age of 18 to join the network. The Horn remains an adult environment.

Easy to quit

One of the big complaints of the major free networks is that it can be almost impossible to close or deactivate your account. On The Horn, members can close their accounts with no assistance from their staff in just three clicks, and when a member closes their account, everything they have posted into it is instantly deleted.

Who built The Horn?

The Horn Company LLC is made up of eleven people working out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. All but one of them is related to CEO Jeffrey Meyer and CFO John “JP” Podgorak. In this sense, The Horn Company is unique in that it is essentially a tech startup run as a family business.

The one non-relative interloper is James Touchi-Peters, the designer and CEO of the former Netropolitan Club, a social network that launched in 2014 and folded three months later. In 2018 Touchi-Peters was brought onboard to design The Horn.

To learn more about The Horn visit their website:

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